The belfie or the bootyselfie like I like to call it is a fun and cheeky photo I like to take, I’ve been doing those for years lol

Anyways in this video I’m showing you some exercises for Butt and Legs. If you wanna look good in your belfie you need to workout! Let me know how it’s working for you!! :)

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belfie, nora segura

Have fun taking belfie’s! Best angle is from below and up ;)

Keep sending request!

Love Nora


About norasegura

Crazy funny and lovable. Lived in Stockholm, Marbella, London and Paris. Now I am living in LA! I am very passionate about fashion, travel, health, my dog...

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  1. John from Iowa says:

    Not sure about the comment. “best angle is from below up”…rather it be from the top down on your most awesome 34Cs, babydoll. Hope all is well with you.

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