Who doesn’t love Malibu ;) It’s a favorite place of mine and perfect for a beach shoot! Here’s some pics from last shoot in Malibu! Posting more pic’s at the end of this week!

nora segura

nora seguranora segura

nora segura

nora segura

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Love Nora


About norasegura

Crazy funny and lovable. Lived in Stockholm, Marbella, London and Paris. Now I am living in LA! I am very passionate about fashion, travel, health, my dog...

3 responses »

  1. John from Iowa says:

    OMG, nothing like THEE most Noralicious lady in Paradise Cove(your favorite spot on Malibu). I remember the day these shots were taken, because I felt the ground in Iowa get hot to the touch that day…it has to be because Nora was/is SIZZLING hot here!!! Hope you are well, princess

  2. Yoshi says:

    wow . . . beautiful ….

  3. John from Iowa says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous figure, classy==Noralicious

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